About Exclusive-IT

Exclusive-IT was founded out of pure passion in 2006. Broad in a specialist industry and brimming with up-to-date ICT knowledge. It is a welcoming, small company with an emphasis on short lines of communication and personal contact. We believe in craftsmanship and old-fashioned service, we find that this is often the deciding factor for our customers. After all, the best advertisement is simply doing a good job.

We love the challenge of explaining the possibilities clearly. Using understandable language. After all, ICT is all around us, but it remains a very technical subject with which entrepreneurs can sometimes use a little help.

Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to help countless clients. Ranging from supporting local startups to developing international solutions for medium and large businesses. Through our years of experience and highly up-to-date expert knowledge, we leave no challenge unanswered.

We believe that the power of software lies in supporting people. A healthy balance in which technology cooperates. By making solutions work together, the efficiency grows even further. Our solutions are therefore diverse. Ranging from web applications to smartphone apps and powerful industrial automation.

Developing is in our blood. The passion that once started it all is undiminished and therefore the driving force behind the enthusiasm now and in the future. We would be delighted to also convince you of this.

Walter van 't Hoff, owner.