Version Control: the backbone of professional software development

Blog  — Thu 20 Jul 2023

Version control is an absolute must, regardless of which method, philosophy, guideline, or other approach is chosen during software development. And this applies not only to teams.

With version control, every change in text, including programming code, is smartly and efficiently safeguarded by the version control software. Each modification is recorded along with the exact moment the change was made and often includes the name of the person who implemented the change. Optionally, a brief explanation can even be added about the reason for the modification.

The necessity of version control has multiple reasons. For instance, it is a must when multiple programmers are working on the same code. Not only does version control help to merge changes from different individuals, but it also provides insight into who made which modification. Furthermore, version control makes it easier to revert changes when needed. And those are just a few of the many benefits of using version control.

Every developer and client should embrace version control for every project. Without version control, software becomes one large blind spot, without any control, accountability, or manageability. Whether it's a single developer or teams of dozens per team, version control is the only way to carry out professional software development responsibly.