Tracker now available to all our customers

Blog  — Tue 21 May 2024

Tracker is now available to all our customers. If you haven't worked with us via Tracker yet, here is a brief introduction.

For large projects, Tracker has always been an essential part of our DevOps SDLC. Tracker is our in-house developed platform for modern, pleasant, and efficient collaboration. It combines project management, time management, and bug tracking software with a cross-platform communication platform. Quite a mouthful, but what it means is that Tracker has everything needed to make a project efficient and pleasant to a successful conclusion.

Previously, it was not practical to use Tracker for smaller projects. That has now changed. It is now possible to use Tracker flexibly, even for projects that last only a few months, weeks, or even days.

The new flexibility of Tracker allows us to choose at the start of a project which processes you do or do not want to use. Previously, it was all or nothing, which led to unnecessary functionalities, complexity, and efforts for smaller projects.

You will quickly notice when it is no longer efficient to make every decision by picking up the phone or emailing back and forth. Keeping track of communication, approvals, hours, and changing job requirements, for example, can quickly become confusing and time-consuming. This can be experienced as a hindrance and needlessly waste time.

How deeply Tracker is integrated is now flexible. For smaller projects, only part of the capabilities can be used. These parts directly lead to more oversight, more control, and fewer administrative tasks for both you and us.

Feel free to ask about it at your next Exclusive-IT project. We will also make sure to inform you about it from now on. But if you have become curious and would like to take a look between your projects, we would love to hear from you and proudly schedule a one-on-one demonstration.