Prevent succes and dismiss these 23 website secrets immediately

Dec 15 2014 at 10:51 by Walter

Are you overbooked on appointments? Are you struggeling to find new places to stuff all your profit? Then immediately dismiss these 23 website secrets.

Obviously this is not meant seriously. Life is too short to make all the mistakes yourself. So why not learn from others? I have created a list with 23 of such:

  1. Visitors are looking for up to date information and answers. Nothing is more annoying than not clearly stating a publish date on articles.
  2. Inform visitors what your website is all about and fast. Within 4 seconds they will decide if your website is right for their question. Otherwise; bye!
  3. Having a headline saying "Welcome to the website of.." is so 1995. Cliché, unprofessional and a waste of a perfectly good H1-title with SEO value.
  4. Playing music on your website is a real no-go. It can startle people, it can interfere with their own music or it simply isn't their taste. Just don't.
  5. Automatically playing video is just as bad. Let the visitor decide if and when to start it. To peek their interest simply use an interesting thumbnail for it.
  6. Do not use Flash. These days CSS, Javascript and HTML5 do a much better job. It also enables search engines to better 'read' your website. Great SEO.
  7. Having a website and waiting for all the visitors to arrive is a waste of time. Nobody will. You need to market a website in order to get visitors.
  8. Everybody uses some sort of Analytics these days. Awesome. But measuring has no point if you do not use the data, and use it right.
  9. Keep the shop- and order process as short and smooth as possible. A customer that is buying can change it's mind if your process is not perfect.
  10. Also frustrating are images without specified HTML\CSS dimensions. While your page loads, it bounces everywhere. Especially on mobile networks.
  11. Pop-up-windows or even 'on page'. Terrible. If you felt the need for having one, you should probably redesign your content-strategy from scratch again.
  12. Do not try to hide yourself, show your phone number and address. Visitors prefer transparent companies that can be contacted. You will gain trust.
  13. Broken links leading to 404-pages or even nowhere at all (anymore) are real show-stoppers. When the trail ends, your visitor is lost and leaves.
  14. Slow websites will also convince a visitor to look further. Don't be a cheapskate about your hosting budget and optimize for smartphones too.
  15. The use of many different or really bad fonts (Comic Sans!), the use of the full color spectrum, or the use of colors that hurt your eyes, are not okay.
  16. If you decide to use a 'slider' make sure to not include text. Or not much. It really is annoying to see it slide away just before you are finished reading.
  17. This is not a bazaar; less is more. Stop confusing customers with too many choices. Take their hand and gently guide them through calm pages.
  18. 'About us' is fantastic - on a separate page. Try not to write the story about your life on the homepage. Focus on your customer there, and his/her questions.
  19. You are not Wikipedia. You want to convert a visitor into a customer. Write your texts accordingly. Do not explain your methods, focus on customer benefits instead.
  20. Not having a responsive (mobile) website is not done. Potential customers will directly move on to the next website. Bye bye!
  21. Do not only focus on the appearance of your website. Content and ease of use are also important to keep a visitor on your website. Who needs glitter.
  22. Do not over-optimize your website for search engines. Serve visitors first. If they arrive on a messy keyword-stuffed page you overshot your goal.
  23. Test your website in at least all mainstream browsers. "This website does not work in browser X" is simply not okay. Even worse are errors.

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