Why do I need a website?

Nov 23 2014 at 19:46 by Walter

A professional website is important for every business, even when you are not planning on selling online. A couple of advantages of a website are:

  • A website is open all day, every day. Ideal for customers to get to know you.
  • It is a sales representative, even if you are not literally selling something on your website.
  • Through your website, your visitors can learn about your products and\or services.
  • Visitors can share your website on social media, all their friends will notice you too.
  • You can showcase and advertise special offers through newsletters.

Without a website you are almost certainly losing customers to competitors that do. People start searching the internet first these days, when and where it suits them. Not only do they search for products or services, they also search for an address or business hours.

Therefor a website will also give them a first impression of your company, hopefully one that lasts. So be sure to have a professional look and up to date information. The invention of websites led to more equal chances of getting noticed among bigger competitors too. A good website can even persuade a customer to choose you instead of a larger well known brand.

The only reason not to have a website is having a website that is so bad that it costs you business.

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