Desktop applications

Although web applications are gaining ground, there is still a need for desktop applications. The unrestrained power to complete tasks at high speed and with great precision is one of them. The ability to control peripherals flawlessly time after time is a second. With cross-platform development, it can run simultaneously on robust Linux internal server racks as well as Windows workstations in the office. With full control over rolling out updates and backing up data.

Logistics example

With a desktop application, a web order can be transferred directly to the warehouse. Here it can be automatically registered with the parcel service, a shipping label printed and a warehouse robot controlled. By means of facial recognition, the correct name automatically appears on the packing list after checking whether the order is complete. A series of photos are taken and saved for internal quality control. With the QR code sensor, outgoing packages are scanned and the order status updated directly to "shipped" in the customer account. Desktop applications are simply indispensable in such streamlined processes.

Offline as an advantage

Losing all or part of your connection to the network, or internet, is no issue at all for desktop applications. Nor does your internet speed impact process performance. For sensitive or mission-critical processes, a network connection is not even desirable. In these cases, a desktop application is the right solution.

Exclusive approach

Over the past decade, we have refined our highly acclaimed working method to make each challenge a success. This method includes an introduction, inventorization, feedback moment, development iterations, delivery and finally aftercare. In turn, each iteration consists of development, testing, acceptance and putting into production. This keeps you in control and us in the momentum of our work.

Desktop application benefits

Increase efficiency with 100% connecting software

Simplify and refine your workflows

Integrate machines and devices into your processes

Connect existing systems with each other

Choose your ideal functionality and working method

Easily roll out future updates

In hindsight it is hard to imagine how we ever managed without this application

Petra Kabalt
Owner, Benalmádena rentals

I knew these processes could be automated. Exclusive-IT has proven this was indeed the case.

Alexander Vidakovic
Photographer, Studio Artist X

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