Embedded & industry

From industrial process to consumer electronics and IoT, custom software is a must to realize efficient and reliable control. Opt for the development of undisturbed software with information security standardly included in every design.


Whether it is an NFC reader, smart refrigerator or monitoring sensor network, a solution can always be offered with integrated software systems. This can be controlled externally via existing communication protocols, headless with mechanical buttons or a fully-fledged local touchscreen control. The designs can vary from software for a single SoC on a PCB, to more extensive systems on SBCs.


Operational processes are becoming increasingly complex. From small time-sensitive signals to large quantities of QA data to process, through consultancy you have everything you need to let your organization provide optimum advice in solutions. This can vary from E/IP or TCP/IP PLCs (PACs) and softPLCs, to sensory SBCs and data processing server racks.

Local solution

Local development means that air travel is often unnecessary, as are meetings with numerous barriers. Decisive decisions can be taken in a short consultation. You will immediately notice this difference during the prototyping and testing phase. The characteristic aftercare and clear documentation finally guarantees a successful product launch and ongoing support.

Exclusive approach

Over the past decade, we have refined our highly acclaimed way of working to make every challenge a success. This method includes an introduction, inventory, feedback moment, development iterations, delivery and finally aftercare. Each iteration in turn consists of development, testing, acceptance and production. This keeps you in control and we keep up the pace in our work.

Embedded & industrial benefits

Robust and safe Dutch customized solutions

Highly optimized and balanced hardware impact

Real-time time-sensitive communication options

Redundant fail-safe communication options

End-of-life only depends on hardware availability

SLA with Dutch and English support

Our team is very satisfied with the solution focus when it comes to the details.

Willem van Lier
Hardware architect, MedaWare

Customer-oriented, innovative and creative. The solution has been working for years without intervention.

Bas Ouwerling
Product specialist, Simac Electronics

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Exclusive-IT was founded in 2006 out of pure passion for the profession and offers the following advantages:

Over 10 years of experience

Proactive advice from professional knowledge

Our own Dutch development and testing team

Flexible development with smooth results

Sublime personal service and aftercare

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