Smartphone & tablet apps

Expand your reach and involvement with apps. With just one click, you are able to view your business, whether on a smartphone or tablet device. Even without logging in. Or by simply logging in using the device's built-in authentication capabilities.

Involvement & reach

In addition to this simplicity, apps have other benefits, such as push notifications. As a service, this allows you to notify your customers in real time, for example, about a shipped order or brand new product that has just been made available. Is timely notification important? Inform all your customers, wherever they are, immediately about a special change in your opening hours.

Brand recognition & added value

On average, people spend 2 hours a day looking at their smartphone or tablet screen. This provides an opportunity to strengthen your brand recognition with a catchy, recognizable logo. This positive association works even better if the app is experienced as convenient and pleasant while in use. For example, by taking orders or reservations in the app. The ability to quietly and quickly interact with the company, even on the go, is increasingly preferred.

Successful service

Apps are great for when it comes to delivering great customer service. They perform best in a supporting role to your existing IT infrastructure. The most successful apps are an integral part of your entire technological ecosystem. This way you offer unique added value to your relations.

Exclusive approach

Over the past decade, we have refined our highly acclaimed working method to make each challenge a success. This method includes an introduction, inventorization, feedback moment, development iterations, delivery and finally aftercare. In turn, each iteration consists of development, testing, acceptance and putting into production. This keeps you in control and us in the momentum of our work.

Smartphone & tablet app benefits

Strengthen your brand recognition and involvement

Approachable interaction with your business

Push notifications to increase your reach

Extensive integrations and hardware capabilities

Connect it to your existing ecosystem

Provides a unique customer-focused value-add

There was a very positive response to being able to schedule appointments via the app.

Saskia Pilanen
Instructor, Centered Riding

The hybrid app gave us the opportunity to consistently convey the identity of our brand.

Han Swinkels
Marketing stategist, Zenotal

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