Web applications

Working efficiently means being able to work anytime and anywhere. Web applications enable this freedom. In one go, it also solves other challenges, including a sharp central security policy, a structural backup plan and software that is always up-to-date. And if one device fails, you can immediately continue working on another. Without having to worry about the operating system, software versions or having to restore lost data.

Work together anywhere

Don't just work from anywhere, but also together. You can work simultaneously on the same document and still be thousands of kilometers apart. This makes it possible to assemble teams distributed all over the world. All of your employees work with the same most current data to ensure that work can always be done decisively.

Secure & flexible

With a solid privilege policy, different roles can be set out. This way, you limit access to sensitive corporate data and crucial actions require management agreement regardless of where you are. With real-time privilege adjustments, you will be in complete control at all times. Finally, accurate logging gives you historical insight into the entire process flow at any given time.

Exclusive approach

Over the past decade, we have refined our highly acclaimed working method to make each challenge a success. This method includes an introduction, inventorization, feedback moment, development iterations, delivery and finally aftercare. In turn, each iteration consists of development, testing, acceptance and putting into production. This keeps you in control and us in the momentum of our work.

Web application benefits

Work from anywhere and any device via the internet

Increase efficiency with 100% connecting software

Simplify and refine your workflows

Connect existing systems with each other

Choose your ideal functionality and working method

Easily roll out future updates

Great service
and good communication!

Marc Ortolo
IT manager Europe, Patagonia

An exceptional ability to translate conceptual requirements into an effective application.

Ir. Drs. W. Laarakker
Director, Portu Capital

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