Websites & webshops

A website or webshop is an ambassador for your brand, service-oriented for your customers or both. But above all, it is an extra employee in your organization. An employee who is available day and night for you and your customers. The first acquaintance with your company is increasingly happening online. Make the very best first impression.

High-quality finish

The required disciplines to achieve a really high-performing website can hardly be counted on one hand. From astute text writers, creative designers, accurate programmers and energetic marketers, to all the support around it.

Global competition & strategy

A standard 'off-the-shelf' solution is no longer sufficient, even if it is the only local toy store. Everyone competes with each other in a globalizing online market. You can order 250 kilometers away with the same ease. Just like your company, your website also needs a sharp strategy to remain the best ambassador and service employee.

Continuous improvement

Experienced professionals help you to get the most out of it. Including a clear strategy and support after the launch. In this way you continuously work on adding added value, a stronger brand and a better operating result.

Exclusive approach

Over the past decade, we have refined our highly acclaimed way of working to make every challenge a success. This method includes an introduction, inventory, feedback moment, development iterations, delivery and finally aftercare. Each iteration in turn consists of development, testing, acceptance and production. This keeps you in control and we keep up the pace in our work.

Website & webshop benefits

A good first impression of your organization

Fastest growing sales channel worldwide

Measurable moments of interaction and conversion possibilities

High-quality finish and customized options

Requires very little effort based on Foundation

Requires even less effort in combination with Daxto

Exclusive-IT is able to translate my concepts and digital designs into detailed fully functioning end products.

Erik Zeegers
Creative strategist,

The project was not only finished on time, it was exactly as we had imagined.

Sara Siddiqi
Account manager, GreenFish Travel

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Exclusive-IT was founded in 2006 out of pure passion for the profession and offers the following advantages:

Over 10 years of experience

Proactive advice from professional knowledge

Our own Dutch development and testing team

Flexible development with smooth results

Sublime personal service and aftercare

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