Maintenance subscriptions

Structured and preventive maintenance does not only enhance security, it also reduces the number of required investments in the long term. By outsourcing a regular flow of small maintenance tasks, you no longer have to worry about it. Choose continuous care so that you perform at your best in your market every day.

Foundation has a class 4 maintenance subscription included by default. The subscriptions are also available for many other products and services. The subscription can be taken out and extended semiannually. If you purchase 12 months or more in one go you will receive a 10% discount. Or be completely relieved with one of the all-in subscriptions.

Class 1
€ 9 / month
  • Weekly installation of updates in a production environment
Class 2
€ 19 / month
  • Class 1 benefits, plus:
  • Daily installation of updates in a production environment
Class 3
€ 39 / month
  • Class 2 benefits, plus:
  • Checks of user paths after installation updates
  • Checks of system health
Class 4
€ 69 / month
  • Class 3 benefits, plus:
  • Proactive troubleshooting of conflicting updates
Class 5
€ 179 / month
  • Class 4 benefits, plus:
  • Multi-instance rollout from test to production environment

Advantages of Exclusive-IT maintenance subscriptions

Personal contact person

Direct contact with an experienced expert

Proactive advice and complete aftercare

Broad technical and business knowledge

Technological partner with over 10 years of experience

Fast service and changes were gradually discussed and implemented immediately.

Bas Gruyters
Graphic designer, StudioBaz

All jobs are neatly finished, the communication is good, fast and clear.

Jolinda Rompelman
Marketeer, Evo Marketing B.V.

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