A/B experiments

Split tests, or A/B experiments, help gain insights. Based on these insights, strategic choices can be made. This allows you to better align your organization with your customer while getting the most out of your existing assets.

Get to know your customer

Understanding your customer's needs is increasingly difficult to establish now that customer contact is mostly via digital flows. With automated or manual A/B experiments, you get to know your customer again so you can serve them better.

Experiments in practice

With A/B experiments, you divide your customers into two groups. One of these groups receives what they were used to; this is the control group. The other group receives a modified service with a slight difference. The experience of both groups is measured in performance metrics. The best performing modification is then implemented permanently.

Combined even stronger

Use A/B experiments in combination with User flow & experience and lean workflow analytics to continue adding value to your products and services. The A/B experiments help you get the most out of your existing service or drive your growing service based on concrete, clear insights.

Advantages of Exclusive-IT A/B experiments

Optimization trajectories always from macro to micro.

Clarifying data-driven change proposals.

Possibility of demographically tailored content variations.

Possibility of neural network-driven T&E testing.

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A sharp eye for details.

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