Connectors & integrations

Using software as separate islands to support process parts lets some of its potential go to waste. A company creates value with knowledge and skills. This is a company-wide process. By connecting and integrating software, you refine your value creation across the entire width.

Sales example

As an ambassador for your brand, your website often is the first contact with your customer. Your customer has a need and is orienting to a solution. After doing some reading up, the customer calls your account manager. During this conversation, the account manager can see directly from the CRM what has piqued their interest over the past few days. Including the recent download of a service brochure in PDF format. Billing history confirms that there is a missing link and notes from a fellow account manager earlier this year show that additional services can potentially be offered to this customer in the future.

In the course of the conversation, there can immediately be substantive talks about fulfilling the urgent need. Without exploratory conversation on location. The connection of systems and information plays a crucial role here. This way it saves costs and provides something at the same time.

The power of connectors

Connectors and integrations offer new opportunities to better serve your customers. Added value on top of your core business. This results in a more streamlined experience and more efficient handling by your staff.

Advantages of Exclusive-IT connectors & integrations

Specialist knowledge that enables almost anything to be connected.

An understanding for starting situations with lots of different software.

Small interventions to incrementally work toward the total solution.

Process optimization with lean workflows and industrial precision.

Technological partner with over 15 years of experience.

The external vacancies were integrated into the platform in an instant. Nice to do business with.

Joep van 't Hoff
Owner, Imagin Events

The connection between the product data and the configurator gives us the necessary flexibility.

Paul Rassin
Manager marketing, Aequo Audio

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