Digital optimization

Giving the lease car a wash every week is quite normal. Yet companies often forget to take good care of the technology as well, while proper maintenance saves costs and generates more sales. Digital optimization gives extra care to the resources you already have in use. This way you can be sure that you get the most out of them.

The figures: on arrival

Take a website as an example. If a website takes 3 or more seconds to load, half of the visitors will already drop out. Every second of delay while loading other pages takes away another 11% of visitors. Also, 79% of visitors indicated that they are unlikely to buy anything if a website performs poorly. This even applies to websites while on the go. 64% of smartphone users expect to be able to use the website within 4 seconds.

The figures: after arrival

Once loaded, the visitor decides in just 50 milliseconds whether to stay on a website. A fast, good-looking and clear homepage is therefore crucial. It was also found that while shopping on a website, every second of extra loading time results in about 7% less conversion. That means that with just one less second of loading time, an additional €7,000 in daily sales can be achieved out of a total daily turnover of €100,000. A concrete example of this is the company Amazon. They have measured that 1 second more load time will cost the company €1.6 billion in sales per year.

Not just websites

Of course, similar care can be given to your entire application landscape. Better performing software is not just more pleasant for your customers, but also for your employees. Employees were found to be 29% less productive due to overdue maintenance. Less than optimal performance is also perceived as demotivating and unpleasant. Contact us today to start optimizing. The result is immediately noticeable and will earn itself back.

Advantages of Exclusive-IT digital optimization

Thorough analyses to locate bottlenecks.

Most result with the lowest effort first.

Particularly specialized optimization knowledge.

In-house development of optimization techniques.

Technological partner with over 15 years of experience.

A lightning fast end product, yet without having to compromise on design. Really amazing.

Jordy de Jong
Designer, Jong Vormgeving

In addition to a better flow of sales funnel, even the bounce rates have decreased by a third.

F. Rondel
Marketeer, Exellenzo

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