Domain names

Domain names are computer addresses that are easy to remember. Whether you want a .NL address, a .COM or one of the other 280 top-level domains, we will be happy to help.

What can I do with it?

Computers on the internet have an IP address, often like for example. Unfortunately, people are not very good at remembering numbers, which is why domain names were invented. To go to this website, you now simply type instead of

Rent a domain

For convenience, we always talk about "buying" a domain name. This is actually incorrect, you rent a domain name. You get the right to use it until you stop paying, then the domain name is available again for others to rent. Domain names you often rent by the year, and if you don't terminate the lease then it is usually renewed automatically for the next year. This way you don't accidentally lose the right of use.

Advantages of Exclusive-IT domain names

You can get started right away, even in the event of a move.

Possibility to redirect to another domain.

Unlimited number of subdomains including TLS ('green lock').

Possibility of multiple domains for 1 site or application.

Possibility for IPv4, IPv6 and even both at the same time.

Possibility of custom DNS settings, such as Office 365.

Possibility of SIP telephony server DNS configuration.

Possibility of external mail servers (MX) or local mail handling.

Standard comprehensive email security with SPF and DKIM, among others.

Free webmail with automatic spam filter and virus scanner.

Possibility of CAA records for additional certificate security.

Full-service; we personally take care of correct configuration.

We prefer to be busy with flowers in the store. Exclusive-IT arranges all technology very nicely for us.

Elke Staal
Owner, Floridel

Thank you for being able to set it up for me so quickly.

Henk van Dijk

Domain names are also offered with the same care and expertise, giving you unique advantages. Are you interested in discussing the possibilities? Then contact us without obligation.