Information security

Safety is increasingly higher on the agenda in companies. The legal and ethical responsibilities of technical solutions continue to grow every year, as does the scale and complexity.


Because information security is starting to play a greater role, we have decided to split it off into its own branch. This allows 100% focus on the technically very challenging field that deserves this degree of attention. You can find our information security services on its own website

Active and passive measures

Two pillars are central within Forendox; active and passive protection. Passive protection consists of a series of technology that keeps an eye on things fully automatically. This has proven to be the perfect solution against the most common crime on today's internet. The active pillar consists of manual 24/7 monitoring, routine inspections and preventive measures by our team of security researchers.

Benefits of Forendox information security

Security operations center (SOC) operating 24/7

Very experienced Dutch security researchers

Passive detection and suppression of common attacks

Automated, thorough and discrete technologies

Possibility of extensive analyzes and preventive measures

Possibility of thorough investigations, detection and clearance

Technological partner with over 10 years of experience

We were previously unaware of the regular attacks on the sites.

Sander Kamps
Content manager, Digodoc

Appropriate intervention made the website operational again after being infected with a malicious code.

Court-Jan van Beek
Owner, PRof Publiciteit

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