Responsive design

These days, websites and web applications are viewed more frequently on mobile devices such as tablets and phones (smartphones). You may be missing out on visitors and/or customers if you are not yet prepared for this.

Responsive webdesign

Because mobile devices have different resolutions (the number of pixels), "responsive design" is the best solution. This means that your website or web application automatically adapts itself to the size of the screen in question. An advantage of responsive design is that you only have one final product as opposed to stand-alone products for different platforms. In summary, responsiveness has the following benefits:

  • Fewer visitors and/or potential customers who drop out.
  • An optimal range among all devices.
  • Lower maintenance costs by using one system.
  • The same familiar functionality on any device.
  • The convenience of centrally managing and having content posted once.
  • Improved findability because search engines prefer you over standard websites.


With responsive designs, we also take the different modes of operation such as the "old-fashioned" mouse, stylus pen and fingers on the touchscreen into account. In addition, by intuitively scaling the navigation and functionality, any mobile user will be able to instantly get along with your product.

Television and computer screens

Of course, any responsive design also has the perfect display for "regular" laptop and desktop computers, but even for television screens. With responsive design, the available space will always be used optimally.

Future displays

The magic behind this technology is even future-ready. It is a durable solution that can be easily updated at any time with support for the latest generation of displays.

Advantages of Exclusive-IT responsive design

For both new and existing systems.

Standard for smartphone, tablet, PC and TV.

Regular updates for current market models.

In addition to screen optimizations, controls are also included.

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