Security subscriptions

In collaboration with our information security branch Forendox, the following security subscriptions are offered for your web presence. Passive measures automatically detect or block suspicious acts. Active measures include monitoring and surveillance by a team of security experts.

Foundation has a class 2 security subscription included by default. The subscriptions are also available for many other products and services. The subscription can be taken out and extended semiannually. If you purchase 12 months or more in one go you will receive a 10% discount. Or be completely relieved with one of the all-in subscriptions.

Class 1
€ 19 / month
  • Passive detection and suppression of common attacks
Class 2
€ 79 / month
  • Class 1 benefits, plus:
  • Passive integrity and system checks
  • Passive 24/7 monitoring of continuity
Class 3
€ 189 / month
  • Class 2 benefits, plus:
  • Preventive ongoing analyzes and subsequent hardening
  • Active checks on suspicious traces and actions (SOC)
Class 4
€ 299 / month
  • Class 3 benefits, plus:
  • Active detection and suppression of unauthorized access and attempts at (data) theft (IPS)
  • SOC calamity reports and triage
Class 5
Price on request
  • Class 4 benefits, plus:
  • The same security for your corporate network. This includes the placement of specialized hardware.

Note: detecting vulnerabilities, removing malicious code, repairing systems and investigating unauthorized access is not part of the subscriptions. This type of service is only offered based on an hourly rate at

Benefits of Forendox security subscriptions

Security operations center (SOC) operating 24/7

Very experienced Dutch security researchers

Passive detection and suppression of common attacks

Automated, thorough and discrete technologies

Possibility of extensive analyzes and preventive measures

Possibility of thorough investigations, detection and clearance

Technological partner with over 10 years of experience

We were previously unaware of the regular attacks on the sites.

Sander Kamps
Content manager, Digodoc

Appropriate intervention made the website operational again after being infected with a malicious code.

Court-Jan van Beek
Owner, PRof Publiciteit

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