Don't let your financial administration be a cost item any longer. Administration has a dusty and rusted up image. Daxto puts an end to that. It gives you a flexible and modern alternative. Although firmly rooted in an accurate basis, it offers a refreshing method and a clear concise overview.

Let administrating evolve into just checking. By making your administrative processes part of your lean workflows, you no longer do anything twice. And due to the high degree of automation, time-consuming tasks are taken over. Modern dashboards with real-time insight into summary figures make the administration attractive again and not just necessary.

€ 29 / month
  • 1 user account
  • 10 invoices per month
  • CRM (relation database)
  • Book purchase invoices manually
  • Create sales invoices manually
  • Possibility of individual postal bookings
  • Sales tax declaration help
  • Real-time purchasing and sales invoice dashboard
  • Real-time sales figures and graphs
  • Manual import of mutations (CSV and MT940)
  • Manual export to accountant
€ 59 / month
  • All Elemental benefits, plus:
  • 3 user accounts
  • 20 invoices per month
  • Product catalog integration
  • Project management
  • Automatic tracking of debits
  • Automatic general ledger
  • Automatic financial items
  • Automatic annual statement
  • Detailed logging of all operations
€ 89 / month
  • All Extended benefits, plus:
  • Unlimited number of invoices
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Real-time bookkeeper and accountant inspection
  • Project-based revenue forecasts
  • Optional Foundation product coupling
  • Optional Foundation webshop invoicing
  • Automatic after sales
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Automatic subscription invoicing
  • Automatic renewal reminders
  • Automatic mutation import (PSD2)

Benefits with every edition

No more error-prone and time-consuming Excel administrations

No longer an over complicated computer program on a dusty old PC

No duplicate or unnecessary operations due to smart automation

Always real-time insight into your numbers, on every device and from anywhere

Never think about backups again. This is done automatically, accurately and redundantly

Large corporation worthy of strong modern encryption, authentication and authorization

Your data always remains in the Netherlands, under Dutch law and in accordance with the European GDPR

Lean workflows are a relief within the financial world. This is how everyone should work.

Marc Jeuken
Financial director, Mertens Bouw

Daxto gave our organization the velocity that we needed for trade with foreign countries.

Jeroen Eland
Strategic buyer, Dalio Import

Daxto is a subscription service in the cloud that makes administration as easy and modern as your other software. The effect is further enhanced by the integral connection between Foundation and Daxto. For example with automatic invoicing. For example, an e-commerce startup spends less than 15 minutes on sales tax returns every quarter of a year.

By cooperating with bookkeepers, accountants and tax specialists, Daxto also gives you the opportunity to introduce the same refreshing innovation in your additional financial services.

Daxto unburdens from startup to multinational with modern technology and automation. Are you interested to further discuss the possibilities? Contact us now, commitment free.