Flagship Foundation is the base under virtually every web project at Exclusive-IT. With the experiences and customer requirements from the past decade added up, Foundation is the outcome of the sum. This results in unparalleled performance, high level of security and refreshingly low effort. This allows you to work on your business instead of in your business.

For whom is Foundation suitable?

Foundation offers suitable editions with a reach from ambitious startup to international big enterprise. It breaks through common limitations in concept development: speed, security and flexibility to scalability. You can use the specialized expertise of our experts as if it were an external department. When growth is inevitably required to refine the level of completion of your web presence, strengthen your brand or tighten sales, Foundation provides the solution where alternatives fail.

What does Foundation solve?


Speed increases the number of visits and sales. Whether it is a new visitor opening your website for the first time, or a regular visitor using his or her smartphone while away from home to quickly look up information. Fast loading also positively affects your position in search engines. The number of pages and products should also never negatively affect the speed of your web presence.


Security of sensitive and privacy-sensitive information is a must. This is possible only if software is built from the ground up with this purpose in mind, like Foundation. Hidden technology helps to monitor and protect 24/7. There is also a range of additional security services available.


The prompt ability to create integrated marketing campaigns, the ability to link to existing other systems, as well as the ease with which both new and experienced staff can collaborate on content. Supported by our professionals and with room for customization so that all ideas can be realized. This makes the all-in solution unparalleled in flexibility.


Credibility and trust depend heavily on workmanship. Perfect translations from homepage to invoice attachment make all the difference. Increase your conversion with a localized web presence in which you do not have to make any concessions. Not even when it comes to small-scale or temporary marketing campaigns. From word to currency.

€ 9,49 / month
First year 20% discount
  • One site
  • One language
  • Without webshop
  • 1 Gb storage space
  • 10 Gb data traffic PM
€ 19,99 / month
First year 20% discount
  • One site
  • Two languages
  • 100 webshop products
  • 5 Gb opslagruimte
  • 50 Gb data traffic PM
€ 37,49 / month
First year 20% discount
  • One site
  • Three languages
  • 1.000 webshop products
  • 10 Gb storage space
  • 100 Gb data traffic PM
€ 124,99 / month
First year 20% discount
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited number of languages
  • 100.000 webshop products
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited data traffic
More than 1 million products? Or does your organization have other special requirements? We would be happy to discuss it further. Please feel free to contact us.

* Prices are excluding VAT and including 20% discount for the first year.

Foundation benefits

Personal service

Complete solution. From domain, hosting and email to web presence.

Getting started carefree; we personally set up the first use with you.

Class 4 maintenance and Class 2 security subscription included as standard.

Possibility of full-service data migration from the previous system.

Possibility to have your corporate identity carried through from homepage to packing slip.

Unrivaled performance

Unprecedented overall performance compared to known common alternatives.

Pages load in only 10% of the time required by common alternatives.

It requires only 12% of the data sent by common alternatives.

Extremely reliable service with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

One of the Netherlands' most environmentally friendly data centers (1.25 PUE).

Ability to load balance and global non-data CDN caches.

Exceptional security

High-end security technology from Forendox included as standard.

Automatic security updates and encryption upgrades by Forendox included.

Periodic pen tests and regular audits by Forendox security researchers.

Frequent pen testing by independent international security researchers.

Data always remains in the Netherlands, under Dutch law and in accordance with the EU GDPR.

End-to-end TLS 1.3 encryption of all data and data-at-rest capabilities included as standard.

Automatic data backups at 3 locations, NAP +14m and 130km spacing.

Modern marketing

Smooth to use, even on the go and over lower-speed internet networks.

Always efficient in its usage of screen display, from computer and smartphone to IoT refrigerator.

Built-in search engine optimization (SEO) and connections included as standard.

Possibility of market coupling for multichannel sales of your webshop products.

Privacy-friendly internal statistics and metrics included as standard.

Operational simplicity

Manage content in-house, or lease our team with an all-in subscription.

Content management simultaneously with code and visual editing capabilities.

Easy management and organization of media such as images, video and audio.

Technical management of your web presence by an experienced technology partner.

No more dealing with updates or cumbersome migrations to newer versions.

Large assortment of free plugins for all common functionality.

Sublime agility

Always growth and customization possibilities, without concessions or system limitations.

Use of own domain names and unlimited subdomains with TLS.

Unlimited number of email mailboxes with webmail, POP3, IMAP and SMTP.

Multi-domain email spam filters, email forwarding and catch-all addresses.

Possibility of feature and design updates so you always stay up-to-date.

Possibility of separate environments for development and testing purposes.

Possibility of administrative automation in conjunction with Daxto.

What surprised us most was the enthusiasm of the team. That was infectious for us.

John Gorissen
Marketeer, Spirit Cabinet

Being able to take along almost all historical data was decisive for this choice.

Mark van 't Hoff
Owner, Markenburg

With Foundation, you are no longer bound by the limitations of standard packages. Discover the convenience of a web presence without concessions or technical management. Richly complemented by an abundance of choice in supplemental services provided by professionals. Foundation is a cloud-based subscription service that allows you to refocus on strategy. Without distractions or side issues.

Foundation unburdens from startup to multinational. High performance, low effort and sublime service. Contact us and get started right away.

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